Anti-Government Protests Continue As Hongkongers Raise Their Voice At World Cup Qualifier | Politics


The protests in Hong Kong have shaken the streets of the capital for months and the demonstrations seem to have to continue for much longer. The city saw its independence from China threatened for the first time in April, when the proposal to allow extradition to mainland China became real and generated reactions from citizens difficult to control.


The attempt by the city leader Carrie Lam to stop the protests consisted in the suspension of the bill, but the protests continued and developed to include requests for full democracy and investigation into police actions. In September the bill was officially withdrawn, but without positive results. On September 10, yet another protest has shown the willingness of the citizens of Hong Kong to make themselves heard.


The first sign of disobedience occurred yesterday during the qualification for the Fifa World Cup in 2022. Before the game began, thousands of hongkongers started booing to cover the sound of the Chinese national anthem that was playing.


Furthermore, protesters raised their voices with the occupation of shopping centers, where the unofficial hymn of the movement “Glory To Hong Kong” was sung: “Feel the anger in our cries? Get up and talk” and “persevere, because we are united”.



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