Anuel AA Releases Surprise Album Recorded During His Detention | Music News


“Podrán encerrar el cuerpo pero la mente sigue libre” (They could lock up the body but the mind will be still free). This perfectly summarizes what has happened and is happening to one of the biggest stars of Latin Trap music.


It was April 2016 when Anuel AA was arrested after officers found three guns, a dozen clips, and 152 rounds of ammunition in the car he was traveling in with other people. Then, that December, he was sentenced to 30 months in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico yet was likely to be released within a year as he’s displayed his regret.


Two years and three months have passed and he has been receiving support during his entire detention from all over the world, especially thanks to his fellows Latin artists and colleagues, that call each other “hermanos” (brothers). The rapper has cultivated his fan base under the #FreeAnuel movement, releasing new music, selling merchandise, and even increasing his followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Earlier this year he was transferred to a halfway house in Miami and will be officially released soon. Billboard has the exclusive for the first official interview tomorrow plus yesterday his new album Real Hasta La Muerte was released on all platforms. It was expected, but not now of course as it’s so early; he couldn’t probably wait anymore and this is a way to celebrate his freedom to and to thank fans for the infinite support.


Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, this is the full name, worked on his new project literally behind the bars, conceiving 12 hits full of messages and meanings, refelcting his diffucult situation, in a total Trap flow that he didn’t lose in prison.


What is certain, is that this experience made him even more famous, but also now, through this album which is great, his return will become a huge event for the whole Latin music scene.




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