Anya Taylor-Joy To Star In Edgar Wright’s Horror Movie ‘Last Night In Soho’ | Film News


Anya Taylor-Joy (Split) has signed on to star in director Edgar Wright‘s upcoming horror film, Last Night In Soho. Taylor-Joy will reportedly play one of the leads in what is expected to be an ensemble cast of some kind.


Krysty Wilson-Carins (Penny Dreadful) has written the screenplay, but plot details are sparse right now. All we really know is that the film will be set in London’s Soho district, and filming will take place this summer. Obviously it will be Wright’s first dive into full-fledged horror, after dabbling with it with the 2004 zombie comedy Shaun Of The Dead.


For those that follow Wright closely, this news won’t be particularly surprising. It was back in mid-2017 where Wright tweeted out that he’d love to work with Taylor-Joy, having just seen her in Split, which he called brilliant. Taylor-Joy had been in line for a role in Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, but in January that role was taken by Karen Gillian, suggesting that Taylor-Joy had dropped out for something better.



Taylor-Joy has also starred in The Witch and Thoroughbreds, the latter of which Wright is also a big fan of. She’s also in The New Mutants, which is slated to finally hit cinemas this summer after a hefty amount of delays, so the projects she’s been picking have been fresh and exciting. Teaming up with Wright will surely continue that.



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