Aphex Twin Shares 150 Unreleased Demos On Soundcloud? | Music News


I hope so. Well, the demo tracks posted on Souncloud by ‘User48736353001’ represent a pretty substantial creative document in my view. They also sound like the almost fully formed musical brain children of Richard D. James. But of course, I might just have to erase my words, or eat them, if these 150 tracks are actually the work of a clued-in imposter. Or a currently disguised collaboration? Maybe even a kid with spare time and money operating from a cloistered basement. However, there has been some hint of confirmation in the wind. This very wind says that Planet Mu’s Mike Paradinas has indeed confirmed the authenticity of these tracks. They follow last year’s album Syro, plus an EP titled Computer Controlled. The mystery continues. All tracks are currently free to download here, but I’d recommend breaking yourself in with these tasty numbers.





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