Apple TV+ Releases The First Trailer For ‘Hala’ | Film Trailer

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Apple TV+ Releases The First Trailer For ‘Hala’ | Film Trailer


The new streaming platform, Apple TV has just released the official trailer for the film Hala, a semi-autobiographical creation, directed by Minhal Baig, who has also collaborated famous TV series, such as Bojack Horseman and Ramy.


In addition, Apple TV has decided to launch this movie on its platform after obtaining positive acclamations at the premiere of Sundance Film Festival premiere earlier this year, where it received the nomination for the best drama movie. Its delicate and, at the same time, passionate themes characterized by strong performances, impressed the audience of the jury, not only at Sundance Film Festival, but also at Seattle Film Festival this year.


Hala tells the struggles of the adolescent years lived by facing two different cultures. The protagonist is, in fact, a seventeen-year-old Pakistani American who lives with two different realities: that one of her family, which reminds her of the importance of cultural and religious obligations, and the other which lives outside her home.


Outside of her family reality, she experiences new influences and encounters that challenge the identity she wants to maintain in order not to threaten her family, but she cannot be silent and will not keep all her secrets for herself. The film will have its theatrical release in theaters on November 22, while Apple TV+ will launch it on its streaming platform on December 6.


Watch the new trailer below:




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