‘Archer’ Season 5, Episode 4 – House Call | TV Review


Have you noticed that Malory (Jessica Walter) perpetually has a glass of some sort of alcohol in her right hand? It’s hard to keep your mind off it when you start to notice it. Just putting that out there. This episode focuses on Pam’s cocaine addiction, and subsequent substantial weight loss, and her rampage inside the Tunt mansion. And then Agent Holly knocks on the door. It is also full of sex references, most of them pretty disturbing and niche. The internet is a wild place it seems, Minitel (a sort of French internet) less so. It’s surprising that Archer hasn’t heard of most of this stuff, what with his addictive personality and penchant for attractive women.


The highlight of the episode comes in the form of Krieger (Lucky Yates) who just casually mentions to Cyril (Chris Parnell) that he needs a reminder to reboot Ray’s (Adam Reed) cyborg legs. Ray has been a recluse for months, making a mess of himself, shall we say, and has been spiralling down into the depths of depression. The reason Krieger hasn’t done it yet? “Think about how much happier he’ll be now”, is his response. Comedy that shall transcend the ages, well it wasn’t that funny but I laughed. That’s reason enough, right? Pam took her clothes off again in this one too by the way; how long can this streak go? Archer is now available on Netflix.



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