‘Archer’ Season 5, Episode 6 – Baby Shower | TV Review


More celebrity voices! Why not? In this episode, Kenny Loggins plays a thirty-odd year old version of himself which is flattering as in reality he is in his mid-sixties. The fact that the writers are in their mid-forties is no coincidence either: nostalgia is the name of the game in what we call adulthood, which is now just an extended form of adolescence.


This is why we see a lot of eighties references in television now, but they are not jokes in themselves as Family Guy still has not learnt yet. Random cut-away gags aren’t funny gosh darn it! But I digress, as while Archer does include a lot of eighties TV references, they are used to add flavour to a joke and are never just the joke themselves. Family Guy on the other hand would just have a cut-away with Peter Griffin having a lightsaber duel with Corey Feldman and call that a joke.


The highlight of the show has nothing to do with Kenny Loggins, funny though he was. It instead is a single sentence from Archer to Cyril and it has to do be one of the greatest put-downs in the history of humanity: “Cyril, shut your pout-hole, accept the fact that Lana was so far out of your league that impregnating her would’ve basically been interspecies breeding and get on with your life”. Harsh, isn’t it? Archer is available on Netflix.



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