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British alt-pop duo Ardyn are back with an explosive new track. “The Valley” is the first single off their second EP, The Valley, out tomorrow via AESOP.  The track is an extraordinary and melancholic art-pop piece, led by evocative percussions supporting the charming and nuanced voice of the lead singer.


About the track, the two siblings said:


“It was written whilst retreating to the countryside to stay with friends in Devon. It was written one day whilst lost to a hangover looking at this incredible view of a valley. Subconsciously, it was probably about reconnecting with nature because is seems that we’ve all lost our connection to the earth, and this song is kind of a celebration of someone’s reconnection with the valleys they used to love and explore as children”.


The duo released a video alongside the single which perfectly captures the emotions they described in the interview.


Watch it below.




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