Are Long Denim Shorts In Trend Or Not? | Fashion News


Long denim shorts are the trend that never really got the recognition it was suppose to, one that faded out before it had even faded in. Summer is all about denim. Denim skirts, denim shorts, denim dresses. However the only design that denim didn’t really seem to fit with was the knee length shorts that celebrities were loving. It seems though, that even though celebrities were all about the outgoing trend, it still absent from casual street wear.




Both Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been seen in the style of denim throughout fashion week, pairing the look with crop tops, bralettes and barely there heels. Some have even braved the double denim look and matched the shorts to a denim jacket and kitten heels. While the look may be out there and unpopular, it is still being seen upon the glossy pages of magazines and bright screens of Instagram. It’s not gone yet.





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