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2015 has sparked a lot of conversations about the controversial remake. Now, often when we hear about our beloved classics being remade, we are left with a slightly sour taste. What if it’s another The Wickerman with all the original romance gone? But could it add something new that the original maybe missed?


First of all, The Craft; no 90’s girl would be complete without hosting a sleepover with this classic on VHS and an attempt at ‘light as a feather, stiff as a board’, but are the new generation able to relate? Will it be The Craft for the ‘Teenies’? Then of course, IT. The clown from your worst nightmare. So while Pennywise still haunts those who have seen him, IT was actually a mini-series and now we have the possibility of seeing it hit the big screen… and with technology advanced enough to end the film with an even bigger scare.


Love it or not, Breakfast At Tiffany’s is a classic, with Hepburn portraying a Holly Golightly from our dreams. With the story now on both Broadway and the Westend, will people want to see more from Miss Golightly? And we mustn’t forget that the film veered slightly away from certain aspects of Truman Capote’s novel and maybe now the world is ready for a slightly darker adaptation. Chloe Moretz seems keen to follow in Hepburn’s footsteps and has mentioned in numerous interviews about her love for the story and for Hepburn, as well as it being her ‘dream role’.



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