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Ariel Pink – Hall Of Screams | New Music



Ariel Pink has released his new track “Hall Of Screams” which is the follow up and digital B side to “I Need A Minute”. Earlier in the year, Ariel Pink revealed he would be contributing music to and make a cameo appearance in Josh and Beny Safdies film Heaven Knows What. In a statement about the music for the film, Pink commented:


“In a stucco tile peeling off the corner – short circuit neon flickers on a cracked mirror over a scuzzy fossitwith pubic hairs encrusted in heaven’s Mcdonald’s… The ecstasy of a locked door. The moments of personal bliss away from the noise of the wretched streets. red bull logo – it’s serenity. synthetic artificial candy opiated bliss. cough drop. christmas eve temporary relief – warmth found in the bosom of a bathroom of a department store.”


You can listen to “Hall Of Screams” via Pitchfork here



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