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Singer-songwriter ARK has unveiled her new debut track “Made For Us”. The artist is very personal when it comes to her lyrical work, and is not afraid of saying what she feels. She says it like this:


The song is written to myself, from myself as a bit of a wakeup call. It explores two sides of ‘self that we all have; one being the doubtful self; fearful, non-confrontational, and in a bit of a mental rut. The other being the supportive, caring, loving and nurturing self who is always going to be there for you. It’s about guiding yourself out of a bad situation and seeing it through, growing a stronger relationship with yourself”.


ARK has an amazing way of carrying her poetic lyric in a beautiful narrative way, which gives her song a different approach. Her haunting piano sound leads throughout the whole single, and initiates the ethereal and revealing vocal that distinguishes her as a distinctive singer and artist.


Listen to ARK’s new song “Made For Us” below!



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