Armani And Fendi Go Vintage At Milan Fashion Week | Fashion News


The June edition of Milan Fashion Week came to a close on Monday with the Spring/Summer 2019 men’s fashion shows of the queen and king of Milan, Fendi and Armani, who both anchored their collections in timeless pieces and confirmed 2018 is a golden era for logos.


This is me. The queen” said Silvia Venturini Fendi backstage before her show, which displayed her lastest collaboration with Italian artist Nico Vascellari. The brand’s SS19 collection indulged in anagram play, with Roma-Amor, Dream-Merda and Fendi-Fiend as prints and graphic T-shirt elements.





With fashion living a moment of logo-mania, Giorgio Armani also brought back some of the GA logos from the 1980s archives for his understated chic collection. “It is very difficult to talk about the future of male elegance, especially if I see my things near others completely different and totally far from this type of elegance” said the Italian designer.





And that concludes the Milan menswear shows. Next stop, Paris.



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