Armani To End Its Use Of Animal Fur | Fashion News



Animal lovers, rejoice! Following the likes of Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Vivienne Westwood – to name a few, Armani has now decided to stop using fur in its collections. The fashion house, which consists of labels Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani and AJ Armani Jeans, will no longer be selling fur products from the start of their Autumn/Winter line 2016.


For years, there have been campaigns to end the use of fur in fashion due to the cruelty the animals have to experience. Giorgio Armani’s decision to finally yield to animal rights activists comes as he sees the “use of cruel practices unnecessary”.


Chairman of the Fur Free Alliance, Joh Vinding, believes that Giorgio’s step away from the use of fur shows that designers can enjoy being creative without having to support animal cruelty in the process. Hopefully the decision made by this heavily influential designer will encourage other fashion houses to make the same ethical choice when it comes to the use of fur.



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