Arnold Schwarzenegger Stars In First Trailer For Zombie Flick ‘Maggie’ | Film Trailer


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigail Breslin star in the first trailer for Henry Hobson‘s zombie drama Maggie and the film shows some real promise to be a thoughtful and interesting concept. With a screenplay from unknown John Scott, Maggie tells the story of a young Midwestern girl (Breslin) who is infected with a disease that will slowly turn her into a flesh eating zombie. As Maggie’s mind and body begins to change, her loyal Father (Schwarzenegger) stays by her side, preparing for the worst.


If you’re expecting Schwarzenegger to be taking down snapping zombies in a ripped tank top, all while dominating dialogue with cheesy one liners; you’re in for a big surprise. The trailer looks really sophisticated and with a premise as interesting as this, Maggie could turn into a serious, emotional game changer for Schwarzenegger and the zombie genre. The tone looks brilliantly dark and although the rating is a PG-13, I’m expecting some great emotional turmoil! Check out the trailer and see what you think.



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