‘Arrow’ Show Runner Guggenheim Confirms Laurel’s Death Is To Be Permanent | TV News



Arrow caused shockwaves earlier this week when it showed that Katie Cassidy’s character of Laurel had been killed off in the show, horrifying fans and sending many into a rage at the show. The decision was defended by show runner Marc Guggenheim who argued that the decision was taken for creative reasons, adding to that statement in confirming via Collider that the death will stick. He commented:


“No, we’ve done that. We’ve done a fake death before.”


With Laurel now gone, the question arises over who will take the title of Black Canary, Guggenheim commenting:


“We haven’t even had a chance to discuss that, It’s a mantel that multiple [characters] have had. We’ll play with that notion in episode 19. I personally like the idea that, in DC Comics and in all comics, they have the concept of legacy in them.”


“We’ve seen on Legends of Tomorrow that someone picks up Oliver Queen’s mantel, for example. We’re in that world, but we lean into it, and I think we lean into it pretty strongly in episode 19, but that doesn’t always mean that the person is a hero.”



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