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Arson Daily is the project of long-time roommates Zach Dunham (guitar/vocals), Adam McLean (drums), and Quincy Platt (bass), who have been honing their craft in many basements and bars over the past five years, as they gear towards the release of their debut album titled Late Reflections.


The band are based in Raleigh, North Carolina, and come from a traditional garage-rock background, with more indie sensibilities and a penchant for experimental songwriting. Their new album was first written with acoustic instruments, before being transfused in the studio with layered electric instrumentation to give it their garage rock and indie vibe.


To be released in February 2020, the band describe the album as one that “drives listeners through the satisfaction of accomplishment while wrestling with the hesitance and nostalgia that inherently accompanies change. Late Reflections has everything to do with accepting individuality, its inherent susceptibility to rejection, and the unabashed courage to do it anyway“.


The band are known across the North Carolina live music scene for their “vestibule-pounding” live performances, which they describe as being a core of their music, which they are ushering away from college faculty music vibe towards more adulting vulnerability.


Released only a few days ago, “Signs” is only the second offering from the forthcoming debut album, check it out below and anticipate the release of Late Reflections in February.




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