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Our friends at Art Meets Music are back with their latest event Stazzy Solo Exhibition Vol. 1 taking place on September 27 at Not Just Another Store in Shoreditch. This solo exhibition with Stazzy will be their first of many shows for the rest of 2018, following a series of successful shows last year.


So who is Stazzy? He is a multidisciplinary artist based in North London who specialises in Portraiture. This exhibition will showcase a new series of his work titled ‘IN THE HOOD’ which fuses his favoured art styles, Realism & Illustration, and is based around popular figures, he has a personal admiration for in one way or another. He makes use of hoods as an iconic symbol of our younger generation.



Stazzy’s biggest achievement as an artist was a commission for The Arsenal Foundation for Arsene Wenger’s 20th Anniversary at Arsenal FC. The 5ft x 4ft portrait is formed from all kit colours since his arrival in ‘96 and features his iconic suit and a red, bleeding banner which reads ‘Arsene Knows’ inspired by a photograph by AFC’s Chief Photographer Stuart Macfarlane. It now hangs at Arsenal’s Training Ground.


He is heavily inspired by London’s diverse urban culture but he is also very much inspired by progression, not just in himself but also in the community of artists He has found himself apart of. Stazzy is inspired by the freedom that art gives him, the journey it’s taken him on and where it will take him in the future. Creating art is his passion and being able to make a living as an artist is a dream.


Supporting him in this exhibition include artists Kelz TBK, Ashden, Darkz, Ricci Queens, and Charles Dixon, along with DJs Laurenzo and Chad Alexander, with the event being hosted by TrinaDaHost. Tickets are available £8, with early bird tickets already sold out – tickets can be purchased here.



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