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We have a run of announcements regarding what bands are playing SXSW 2017, and the dates they are performing.


First up is Todd Fink and Orenda Fink, who have melded together their lives and art to form CLOSENESS: “Emerging with an electronic but shadowy southern gothic sound, Todd’s high-energy, cool and synthetic voice lifts and energizes Orenda’s mystical and warm-hearted aura”.


“Together, they create a unified archetype that is moody, therapeutic and deeply inspired by the most basic questions about life, meaning, love and death”. They describe themselves as influenced by The Knife, Pink Floyd, The Zombies, Tr/st, Crystal Castles, John Carpenter and Health.


See them Wednesday, March 15; Thursday, March 16 and Friday, March 17


Next is Dear Boy, described as “bitter-sweet alternative rock with roots in both post-punk and 90’s British guitar pop”. Based out of Los Angeles, Dear Boy have “built a devoted live following, headlining local venues such as the Troubadour and The Bootleg Theater, along with performances at SXSW 2014/15”.


They’ve also supported the likes of Cloud Nothings, The Airborne Toxic Event, The Maccabees, Peter Murphy, NO, Meg Myers, Fenech Soler, X-Ambassadors, INVSN and Night Terrors Of 1927. The band is Ben Grey (vocals/guitar), Keith Cooper (drums), Austin Hayman (guitar) and Nils Bue (bass).


See them Friday, March 17 and Saturday, March 18


Moving on now to The Dig, made up of childhood friends Emile Mosseri and David Baldwin. They “have been a classic band’s band and a true collaboration”. Since releasing their debut album, Electric Toys, in 2010, the band has continued forth, releasing follow up album, Midnight Flowers, in 2012 and two EPs, Tired Hearts and You & I, in 2013.


They describe themselves as influenced by The Kings, Harry Nilsson and Betty Harris. They look to “upend pop music’s expectations by blending each member’s unique talents with their passion for music”. Think “anthemic”, garage, post-punk, and “slow, mellow reflection”.


See them Tuesday, March 14; Wednesday, March 15 and Thursday, March 16.


High Up is a new band hailing from Omaha, Nebraska. After Christine Fink moved to Omaha from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, she teamed up with her sister, singer-songwriter Orenda Fink, and the two decided to start High Up. The duo “mix elements of punk and soul that showcase Christine’s powerful vocals and Orenda’s seasoned songwriting”.


They were joined by Greg Elsasser (Capgun Coup) on keys and guitar, Eric Ohlsson (Capgun Coup) on drums and Josh Soto (The Seen) on bass. They describe themselves as influenced by Sam Cooke, Dead Kennedys, Screaming Jay Hawkins and Velvet Underground.


See them Wednesday, March 15; Thursday, March 16 and Saturday, March 18.


Finally Ramonda Hammer. They’re a Los Angeles grunge-pop quartet whose name comes from a lady featured on the television show, Cheaters. The show inspires the direction in which band founder, Devin Davis, writes her songs. These songs are “quirky chord progressions, time signature and tempo changes, and dynamic, biting vocal melodies”.


The other members Andy Hengl, Justin Geter and Danny Louangxay complete this “crunchy, grungey, no-B.S. ’90s-style alt-rock” sound. The band’s debut album came out in April 2016. Said album, Whatever That Means, is “not only a playful nod to everyone who’s puzzled by the band’s name, but is a lyric from a track on the album”.


See them Wednesday, March 15 and Thursday, March 16.



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