A$AP Rocky Claims He Should Be First Black James Bond | Music News


A$AP Rocky has admitted that he would like to become the first ever black actor to play James Bond. The well known rapper who has been moving towards the world of acting, is due to be featured in new film Dope, which is due for release later this summer. He has since spoken to Esquire about his ambitions and why he thinks he would be the next best bond after Daniel Craig.


“We need a black James Bond“, he said. “I’d get the job done and I’ll look better than any other Bond that has ever lived. All I need is a six-pack“. Rocky continued, speaking of his confidence in his own looks, and how this can be taken as negative, “I’m too conceited. We don’t need the whole world to be full of themselves but it works for me. No one else looks like this. That’s what makes me so special“.



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