Ash Shakur – Never Alone | New Music

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Ash Shakur – Never Alone | New Music


Ash Shakur had just released his new single “Never Alone”, it is available on iTunes. You can also check out his previous track “Nokia”, “Shine” and “Who Is It”, while you’re at it.


The track is very interesting, it has a clear electronic sound but with some R&B influences, and the rapping weighs perfectly with the instrumentation, while the refrain does not get out of your head for days.


Speaking about the song, Ash Shakur said, “I’m speaking to that person who feels like the world has turned its back ­­on them. It’s not easy to share your problems or frustrations with the people around you and sometimes we create isolation. I wanted the verses to feel like I’m speaking directly to you like we’re sitting on a park bench. I feel like we are never really alone if we share our issues; life is too short to hold things in”.




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