Ashley Tisdale – Love Me & Let Me Go | Music Video


Star of High School Musical Ashley Tisdale has released her music video for “Love Me & Let Me Go”, and it’s a wonderfully mix of light and dark shots, supposedly depicting two sides of her mental state of mind.


As she sings about her anxiety, the video begins with dimly lit shots, but as the song develops and she confronts her battles, it gradually increases with light, switching between the two to depict the difficulties of this inner fight.


After being trapped by the veil for the most part of the video, Tisdale breaks free from her anxieties and urges others to do so in the process. The final shot conveys a floating Tisdale, and although in a dark room, she is bathed in light (so to speak).


Speaking about the song to Billboard, Ashley said this: “’Love Me & Let Me Go’ is a song where I’m talking to my anxiety. The music video represents the feelings of being trapped and needing to let go”.


Check out the video for “Love Me & Let Me Go” below.




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