ASOS Launches The Latest Jeans Trend | Fashion News

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ASOS Launches The Latest Jeans Trend | Fashion News


ASOS and Topshop are forever finding new weird ways to style jeans, whether that’s plastic jeans, clear jeans, suspender jeans or now fake butt crack jeans, there is always some new way that is taking over the online stores. This month it’s ASOS that have gone above and beyond all fashion norms and brought out the High Waisted Straight Leg Jeans with Open Back, translating to denim jeans that appear to have a crack in the back.





The jeans are mom jean style yet are far from boring as they expose your lower back, below the belt in order to give the impression of a fake crack. The style is questionable, and may just require that extra bit of confidence to pull off however, may times there have been questionable styles that have attracted more attention that you would first think. For example, when clear trousers sold out within the first couple days!





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