Atella + Frøder – Closer To Life | New Music



Atella and Frøder are two very interesting music artists and human beings who have the same point of view in many things and one of those is their music making. Their latest collaboration is in their brand new track entitled “Closer To Life”, where they are mixing electro sounds with futuristic elements and lyrics that are playful and with a great sense of humour.


So it isn’t strange when Atella quoted for their new track that “‘Closer To Life’ is the result of the good friendship we have with the amazing artist Frøder. The song is an atmospheric reflection of our world’s unstable and chaotic journey through the universe”.


“Close To Life is the sequel (or prequel – who knows?!) to Closer To Life. A targeted journey through time and space, and the search for extraterrestrial and/or intelligent lifeforms – are we getting closer? We can feel it”.


So check out this latest release of theirs and listen to a song that is definitely an uncommon music proposition for your evenings soundtrack!




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