Atlanta Rapper Hey-ZooZ Shares New Single ‘Go’ | Music News


Atlanta apper Hey-Zooz has released his new track titled “Go” most recently. “Go” is an extreme relaxed rap song, dealing with the serious issue of toxic relationships and situations.


In 2018, the rap artist kickstarted his career with the release of his debut mixtape Now Hiring. Since then, Hey-Zooz released the five song EP Recovery in 2019 and is fast making a name for himself in the scene. Hey-Zooz’s sound hits the vibe of great artists as J. Cole and Tory Lanez.


Through music, he creates awareness for various social issues. His style is stretches into multiple genres and tests the boundaries of hip-hop. In his last track “Why?”, he reported about his entry into the music industry and how other people affected him negatively. Hey-ZooZ manages to express his intimate personal battles and inner conflicts through music.


His new track “Go” is produced by Micah Cohn and supposed to be a mixture of “Why?” and his previous song “Gone Again”. “Go is a very interesting song. I don’t know if it makes sense, but a lot of good songs don’t”, Hey-ZooZ points out. Even if the song has an energetic vibe, the subject is about leaving toxic circumstances.


While listening to “Go”, you automatically lose yourself into deep thoughts. Hey-ZooZ brings the passion behind the song across with his unique style and a perfectly fitting flow. Listen to the song below.




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