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Augustin is a 23 years-old Swedish songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who is already convincing the musical industry of his talents. And, his latest single “Guts” which is released on October 18 has everything to become a hit.


At the age of 9, he started writing poems and lyrics, and started playing drums, keys and guitar. And in 2011, he bought his first midi-keyboard for beginning composing alternative contemporary pop. His multi-instrumentals skills allowed him to create unique and well-structured composition.


This future-retro indie-pop artist made his critical acclaimed debut with “Luzon” in February of 2019, followed by “A Scent of Lily” in April. And the two accumulated more than three million global streams. The two melancholy love stories also peaked #1 on the Hype Machine charts and brought about comparison to artist like Bon Iver and James Blake.


His debut EP Wishful Thinking was praised by Billboard, and has made him one of the the most played artist in Sweden. The magazine described it as “Uplifting, with soaring synths overlaid by Augustine’s dazzling falsetto”.


Finally, his latest single “Guts” is a soaring and energetic track that demonstrates Augustine’s singular voice. Le track deals with posh problem. I rode the lyrics without production, it’s a real poem.


The warm production driven by a surf guitar sound and a groovy classic-piano-driven instrumental link the two parts of musical creation. And it works!


It’s a cruel world before the eyes of these posh innocents“, Augustine reveals how bad you can feel even when you’re very fortunate. Because, we all know, money can’t buy happiness.


“Guts” was written and produced on the small Swedish Island of Gotland by Augustine, Rasmus Björnsson and Agrin Rahmani. Listen to the track below:




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