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Aurora Aksnes, known by her stage name AURORA, is a Norwegian songwriter singer and producer. She released her debut EP titled Running With The Wolves with Decca Records in 2015.


She release her first album titled All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend at the beginning of 2016 to critical acclaim. The album includes many hits like “Runaway“, “I Went Too Far” and “Conqueror“.


AURORA announces her return with a new song titled “Queendom” that will be the first single from her upcoming album.


She explains that “Queendom” is about celebrating all the differences between us. It’s about celebrating all the ages, all the races, all sexes and animals. A place where the introverts and the quiet ones can sing and be seen. It’s an anthem of the shy and lonely people where they can share their emotions and not be lonely together. “Queendom” is a anthem and a place for all of us.


She sang the new song as part of her set at Coachella when she felt emotional and free to share this experience. On her new album, she said that it will have a wider perspective than she had on the first one.


“The world has a lot of good and bad in it, but as I say in the first verse of ‘Queendom’, ‘the underdogs are my lions, the silent ones are choir, the women will be my soldiers, the weight of life on their shoulders”, she said in an interview.


Listen the studio version of her new song below:



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