Australian Artist Emerson Leif Returns With ‘Bad Company’ | Music News


After releasing his outstanding singles “Wake Up With You” and “Next2” over the last few months, Australian artist Emerson Leif has now dropped his new single “Bad Company”, which is also the title track for the debut EP, which he has just shared.


Bad Company is a five-track EP that mixes electro, alt-pop and R&B sounds, with a music style that reminds of artists like Joji, Blood Orange and The Internet. Golden Vessel, one of Emerson Leif regular collaborators, helped him producing and mixing the EP, and result of their team work will surely grab your mind.


As Emerson Leif explained, Bad Company is a collection of songs he mostly wrote in his lounge room, while about the title track he stated that is “about finding forgiveness when relationships don’t go the way good intentions would hope for”.


He also added that “sometimes things in life just don’t work out like we planned but there is much beauty in the process of releasing someone from feeling guilt, including yourself”.


The intense chorus lines “maybe it’s bad company/making my mood swing low/low low low” will get stuck into your mind straight away, and surely “Bad Company”, with its pulsating rhythm, captivating R&B beats and meaningful lyrics, will keep you good company during these times.


Listen to it here:




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