Australian Fashion Week Stepping In To The Game | Fashion News


Australia Fashion Week has run its catwalks these past few days bringing to us some romantic yet eclectic trends, in a very fun and creative way. Every single piece with a very artistic and ethnic vibe, poetic fabrics and silhouettes mixed with blocks of color and beautiful patterns creating movement. For me, it’s one of the strongest Fashion Weeks, its not just the top models that are from this country, but the talent shown by designers every year has the world looking for what they would be doing next.


Australia has a lot of resources to offer a major ability to create gartments. Altough, we might think sportswear is its strong suit, Australia Fashion Week has given us the opportunity to get closer to what its designers can do. It is so refreshing to see non-afraid designs out of the conventional combined with fun hair, along with clothing, and interesting pieces real people can actually wear.




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