Australian Rap Artist BVLE Released Energetic New Single ‘FGS’ | Music News


Sydney-based rapper Bvle has come out with a brand new single titled “FGS”, which is an acronym for “For Goodness Sake”. This song has a very nice hip-hop and rap vibe and style, to follow up the breakthrough tracks he released last year.


“FGS” is a real turn for the artist, showing his growth since last year. The song sees BVLE talking about what seems like a relationship, as he goes back and forth about the importance of protecting himself and being a better person.


As BVLE explains: “I started the song with ‘waking up, I just flipped a page – yesterday, I’m better than’, this was to stress my growth, my ambition to be better despite the setbacks“.


We can really feel like he is self-reflecting on his career and personality with this track, and with some Nigerian music influences to this vibe, the song is perfect motivation for people who want to go forward. The pop, R&B and hip-hop touches bring dimension to the song as well as great energy and energetic mood.


So with a soulful voice and a great flow to the track, BVLE has really made a great single as well as the well-reflected lyrics that are the real plus here.


BVLE’s first introduction to music was through his father who was a music director at church. He would continue to be heavily involved in the music at church. His versatility is a great strength of his, as he has the ability to jump on anything and still make it amazing.


Even if his music is turned towards hip hop, he has a unique sound to him that’s thanks to his great voice. His sound has elements of soul, R&B, rap, gospel as well as afro, but with these different music styles, he manages to project emotion into his music helped with his lyrics, melodic flows, and creative adlibs.


This Australian artist is really here to make his mark in the business industry and although he has always felt disconnected and different and that follows him in his artistic style, with these summer hits vibes and powerful lyrics, we can expect to see more and more of him.


Listen to “FGS” here:




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