Australian Singer Georgie Fisher Returns With New Single ‘The Queen’ | Music News


Australian singer Georgie Fisher came out earlier this month with a brand new single titled “The Queen”. The song is about a woman that looks back on her life on what she has done with it. With the singer’s soulful voice we can sense a touch of disappointment while telling the story.


The track brings up a sort of afterlife imagination, where the woman would love more her life, where she would be as the title implies, a queen. With her mesmerizing voice, she really makes feel the listener like they could be in a live session.


The single was written very easily, the singer wrote everything while being in Sicily afterward recorded with a band, with the guitar, some low basses, and a drum. The band gives it a sad vibe and with the lyrics even more, “I’ll be remembered long after I’m dead, […] I’ll be the queen“.


So with the sad vibe and at the same time the hopeful one it is a really mixed feeling we have at the end of the song, but we must remember the voice which just slides onto the track.


Now based in her city of heart Berlin. Georgie has been in the music industry for quite some time, but in 2015, she released her first album titled Big City Howl and since then she had been touring mainly in Europe but also in her home country.


Listen to the single “The Queen” here:




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