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Brisbane singer Hannah Sands has released a brand new song titled “Happy Girl”. This single is moving and brings out some emotions when listening to it. We can straight away hear the contrast between the title of the track and the actual lyrics.


“Happy Girl” is all about putting yourself together in front of people, but inside feeling completely different. The lyrics go back on a woman who has had a difficult past and isn’t feeling the best, having her ‘demons’ even though she had a big dream for herself. She sings about how basic questions never go further, we never really ask how someone feels.


As Hannah said about her latest song: “The importance of looking beyond surface-level appearances and the hidden battles that most of us are fighting“. We can all think of a moment where we weren’t feeling the best and only wanted to look good in front of people to avoid questions, well that’s what “Happy Girl” feels like…


As the lyrics go on: “Too busy fake complimenting / You kiss goodbye, suggest a lunch / But she won’t hear from you that month / But that’s okay she’s used to it“.


With a grounding in Jazz, hip-hop, and touches of guitar accompanying Hanna’s voice and story-driven melodies, the song slides into our ears.


Hannah Sands is a young emerging artist shaking up the local scene in Brisbane, Australia with her powerhouse vocals and strong, story-driven lyrics. She has only a few years behind her but knows how to get the job done with her splendid music.


Working with different music styles such as neo-soul and alt R&B, the singer is inspired by the likes of Amy Winehouse, Norah Jones, Erykah Badu, Tom Misch, and Bruno Major.


Having strong family roots in jazz and hip-hop, her soulful tracks complete with modern and moody production bring a breath of fresh air to the music industry.


The Australian singer has much to offer to the music industry and after her debut singles “Choices” and “One More Time”, Hannah comes back with a strong song “Happy Girl”. We should follow her music journey and see what she will bring next.


Listen to the track here:




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