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With her lush and brooding new single “High“, Australian singer and songwriter Hattie Oates is not only making her introduction to us here at Conversations About Her, but she is also taking a new sonic direction with her music as she experiments with darker pop tones.


Serving as her first single of 2020, “High” comes on the back of her 2018 debut EP HATTIE and last year’s single “Bad”, and might remind you of artists such as BANKS and Billie Eilish. The track builds off the blood-rushing-to-your-head stages of an early crush, and the intoxicating effect thinking about that one person can provoke.


According to Hattie Oates, “High” is “an expression of raw attraction. I wrote this song about that feeling you get when you have a new little crush and no matter how hard you try to ignore it, you can’t help the tingling butterflies in your belly! Especially when they catch you off guard and you feel like your heart is about to jump from your chest. That little adrenaline rush”.


For us, Hattie Oates is definitely one to watch. Her exquisite groove and tone is refreshing and her songs are unique and personal with a soul way beyond her years. As a backstory, Hattie found her love for music at just 10 years old, and she paved her musical path further, when she taught herself to play guitar while watching her older brother. A short time later, she discovered a love for singing and the rest is history.


Hattie’s musical path crosses many genres, including jazz, blues, soul, folk and indie pop. “It’s hard to pinpoint my music style, the best way I can describe it, is as if Amy Winehouse, Adele and Missy Higgins had a baby…then that would be me”, Hattie Oates says to describe her sound.


Listen to “High” below:




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