Austrian Musician Dexpleen Releases New Track ‘Ride Or Die’

Dexpleen is an Austrian musician who mixes indie pop with electronic music and surf rock to land on their own interesting and captivating sound. Their new single is titled “Ride Or Die”, and as with all their music in general, it is the best way they know how to describe their feelings.

As they put it, music was the first real output that they used to to let out strong emotions as it gives Dex the feeling, to finally feel at home somewhere. Their goal is to create a similar collective safe space for anyone who might need it or is searching for it.

If you were to describe the song “Ride Or Die”, one might say that it captures a season of pure love and admiration between two people, who are living like they are in a bubble, and only have eyes for each other, with both of them knowing that the relationship will not work out.

Talking about the inspiration behind “Ride Or Die”, Dexpleen says, “I used to not be able to express certain emotions, especially feelings related to love and excitement. Beginning of 2020 I started to have a crush on someone, who felt so different to me, that I thought we couldn’t end up together, out of if we’d run away and create our own bubble. Our own Ride Or Die kind-of relationship“.

Explaining further about how the song came together, they add that “Writing and working on this song was the first time I felt like I’m finally doing exactly what I’m supposed to do, so I’m super stoked to release it“.

Watch the music for “Ride Or Die” here:


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