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The ‘Lost In Space’ Trailer Leaves Us Excited | TV Trailer

  Not everything that is old has to be bad, right? If 2018 tries to prove us something then it is that! There are reboots and homages coming from everywhere and Netflix is also taking part in it. At the moment, the newest reboot seems to be of the 1960s show Lost In Space. And now they released a new[…]

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Michael Trevino Joins The Cast Of The CW ‘Roswell’ Reboot | TV News

  This year seems to be a year of reboots for The CW. After presenting us the main cast for the new Charmed reboot, they are showing us what they have in stock for the Roswell reboot, and we have to say the cast for the pilot seems to be right from our dreams.   A few days ago, The[…]

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Charlize Theron Deals With Motherhood In The New ‘Tully’ Trailer | Film Trailers

  When you see director Jason Reitman working together with screenwriter Diablo Cody the possibility is that the upcoming movie will tackle a difficult topic in growing up as a woman. After the films Young Adult and Juno, the two have created a new film – Tully. It covers the issue of motherhood – and how hard it can really[…]

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Disney Teases With First ‘Christopher Robin’ Poster | Film News

  After giving us the first trailer for Mary Poppins Returns, Disney gives us another thing to be excited about. They released the first teaser film poster for their new film Christopher Robin. The first trailer is set for March 6, so there is more to come from the new live-action remake.   This is in line with the last[…]

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‘Ready Player One’ Homages 11 Film Posters | Film News

  The start of Ready Player One is coming closer really fast. Many fans of the book weren’t thrilled about the released trailer. They missed the Easter Eggs that the book gave them. Now that could get a little different with the newly released film posters. They show the characters of the film in the style of old film posters[…]

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