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Are Long Denim Shorts In Trend Or Not? | Fashion News

  Long denim shorts are the trend that never really got the recognition it was suppose to, one that faded out before it had even faded in. Summer is all about denim. Denim skirts, denim shorts, denim dresses. However the only design that denim didn’t really seem to fit with was the knee length shorts that celebrities were loving. It[…]

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Marc Jacobs Unveils Spring 2018 Collection At NYFW | Fashion News

  New York Fashion Week came to a stylish finish due to Marc Jaocbs and his Spring 2018 collection. Vivid colours, extravagant patterns and exquisite designs were flaunted down the runway. The designs are said to have been inspired by tropical aspect of life. Beaches, summer, vacations to the sunnier side of the planet.   Anyone could clearly see the[…]

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Helmut Lang Makes A Return At New York Fashion Week | Fashion News

  The iconic fashion designer Helmut Lang left the industry 12 years ago to pursue other pathways and yet his influence never diminished. Fashion editor, Isabella Burley, is currently in charge of leading the brand with the new direction. Their NYFW show itself, that took place this week, was huge. Many famous faces lined the wooden benches beside the runway[…]

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Coach May Just Be The Millennial Brand Of New York Fashion Week | Fashion News

  The 76-year old fashion brand, has become very popular over the last couple years, with a much greater deal of younger fans who are dedicated to the items sold by Coach, they are set to reach $5.9 billion in revenue for 2017. The brand are said to have re-designed themselves in order to reach a younger audience and make[…]

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The Lola Hat That Has Everyone Talking | Fashion News

  Hats are a big part of fall fashion as the autumn leaves turn to snow the trend just becomes more necessary. Baseball caps, woollen hates, ear muffs and now the lack of colour lola hat. As the name suggests, there is a lack of colour to the design as it’s in a beige/nude colour with a black rim.  […]

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