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New York Fashion Week Is Showing A New Sleeve Trend | Fashion News

  Designs and styles have been big this year, with flared sleeves, patterns and more. Fashion Week in New York is currently taking place and it seems a new trend might be surfacing: Arm Warmers. The comfy go to fall style is perfect although it’s a trend that will either be huge, or vanish completely.          […]

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Relive The Morning Routine Of A Victoria’s Secret Angel | Fashion News

  Getting to live every girls dream, Josephine Skriver received her wings at Victoria’s Secret, officially becoming an angel, just over a year ago. Joining Jasmine, Elsa, Taylor, Stella, Adriana, Candice and more to be the main face of such an iconic brand. Of course, it’s no secret that getting to that standard takes hard work and dedication, gruelling workouts[…]

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Rihanna Launches Diverse Makeup Collection ‘Fenty Beauty’ | Fashion News

  Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is all anyone can talk about when it comes to makeup. It is one of the most diverse makeup collections to be seen, with 40 different foundation shades to ensure that everyone has their tone, whatever your skin tone. Her collection is set to be bigger than anything seen before and will be released tomorrow.[…]

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The PVC Trend Has Returned Again | Fashion News

  PVC leggings had a moment within the summer months, and it seems the dresses are only getting more popular. Celebrities have been seen everywhere in them, the tight fitting fabric apparently being the go to outfit for any major fashion event. Since the rise of the tight fitting trend, the style, fabric and designs can be seen all over[…]

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Polka Dots Have Gone From Summer To Autumn | Fashion News

  Polka dots were this summer’s must have print, everyone was seen in them. Bikinis, dresses, bodysuits and skirts. The styles and designs of the pattern were endless. Now it seems Olivia Culpo, who is an American actress, is proving that the trend doesn’t have to end along with summer.     The brunette paired a black and white polka[…]

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