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Take A Breath With Kelli-Leigh On New Single ‘Be Alright’ | Music News

  You may be looking for new inspiring songs such as “Be Alright” from Kelli-Leigh, ones that will give you a pleasant musical time and dive you into a cocoon from which you will have a hard time breaking out.   “Be Alright” is an optimistic song that ends a year which has been complicated for all of us. It[…]

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Jake Huffman Unveils Soothing New Ballad ‘The Coast’ | Music News

  The new self-produced single “The Coast” from Jake Huffman is the kind of stripped-down ballad that soothes as a result of Jake’s emotional lyrics and the simple guitar creating a spacious musical ambience throughout the track.   The intimate production communicates his nostalgia of “The Coast” that he calls his home with a deep authenticity which fits right into[…]

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