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Conversations About Her

Vic Spencer – Platinum Planets | New Music

  The very talented hip-hop artist, Vic Spencer, has dropped a new single on Soundcloud, entitled “Platinum Planets”, and as always his latest release is very exciting musically and vocally.   This single is a glimpse of what to expect from him in his forthcoming EP, St.Gregory, which is going to be released soon. So enjoy this experimental, down tempo[…]

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Slow Sugar + Remniqe – Pieces | New Music

  Slow Sugar is a great music duo, but by teaming up with the producer, Remniqe, in the fabulous and fresh remix of their single, entitled “Pieces”, they are sounding even better!   With a twist to EDM and dance music Remniqe’s remix is an anthem that is going to be played a lot in many clubs all over the[…]

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Kathryn Williams + Anthony Kerr – Autumn Leaves | New Music

  Kathryn Williams, this great folk artist who is talented, emotive and ethereal in her vocals has teamed up this time with another great jazz musician, Antony Kerr, and by working for six years they have finally created an astonishing album, entitled Resonator, and it’s full of remakes of great jazz classic songs.   This time they released their remake[…]

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Her’s – Marcel | New Music

  Her’s is a duo based in Liverpool who have style and humour in every track that they release every time.   Now their brand new track is entitled “Marcel” but firstly it was named differently but after finding a wallet in a thrift shop, that firstly belonged to a guy named Marcel, they thought that they should rename their[…]

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Atella + Frøder – Closer To Life | New Music

  Atella and Frøder are two very interesting music artists and human beings who have the same point of view in many things and one of those is their music making. Their latest collaboration is in their brand new track entitled “Closer To Life”, where they are mixing electro sounds with futuristic elements and lyrics that are playful and with[…]

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