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Hillary And Chelsea Clinton Team Up To Write ‘The Book Of Gutsy Women’ | Arts

  Hillary Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea, have written a new book together titled The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories Of Courage And Resilience due out on October 1, from Simon & Schuster.   In this book, they have profiled over 100 groundbreaking women, talking about their history and how they have, in their way, changed the world.  […]

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‘Fast And Furious: Hobbs & Shaw’ Tops US Box Office In Opening Weekend | Film News

  Fast And Furious seems to be one of the greatest cinematic franchises of the 21st century. With spin-off Hobbs and Shaw heading for a £164 million opening weekend, Hollywood’s most audacious franchise has more than enough gas left.   The just released spin-off reunited Hobbs and Shaw, the two fan-favorite antagonist from the primary diegesis. The macho charm of[…]

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