Ava DuVernay Adapting ‘One Perfect Shot’ Twitter Account Into HBO Max Docu-Series | TV News


Adaptations of Twitter feeds, they’re a thing now! Later this year we’re getting a movie called Zola, based on an infamous 148-tweet Twitter thread revolving around a waitress who met a sex worker at a restaurant. And now we’re getting an show based on an entire Twitter account. Ava DuVernay will adapt the One Perfect Shot Twitter account into a documentary series for HBO Max.


The Twitter account does exactly what it says on the tin: posts images and clips of aesthetically stunning shots from the world of film. The half-hour series will seek to expand that slightly and take an in-depth look at some of cinema’s most stunning moments, using the voices of the filmmakers to explain how they created them.


The Twitter account isn’t exactly the most original idea ever, but DuVernay’s involvement in the series is a major plus. “I’ve long wanted to create a series about the art of directing”, she said in a statement. “To chronicle the craft of great filmmakers is a dream come true for me […] [I] look forward to fully geeking out over movies with our friends at HBO Max”.


The show’s official description also makes the series sound like much more than an adaptation of a Twitter account: “Each episode arms one acclaimed director with an arsenal of visual tools to pull back the curtain on their most iconic shots. Using state of the art technology, the directors will literally enter each shot, walking through the scene in 360 moments that allow viewers to join an immersive exploration of moviemaking.


Filmmakers will share their obstacles, challenges, lessons and triumphs as they detail how they created their crowning cinematic achievements. Each helmer will also present one shot from an auteur who deeply influenced them, outlining the inspiration that catalysed their own imagination”.


This sounds like cinephile catnip. HBO Max already has a robust and impressive arsenal of movies on their platform, and this news will just confirm that they’re committed to getting as many true film fans subscribed as they can.



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