Ava DuVernay’s ‘Wings Of Fire’ Animated Series Lands At Netflix | TV News


We first learned last year that Ava DuVernay was teaming up with Warner Bros. to develop an animated series based on Tui T. Sutherland‘s best-selling book series, Wings Of Fire. Just over a year later, that same series is now heading to Netflix. The streaming giant has greenlit a 10-episode first season of the show.


Wings Of Fire is an epic adventure set in a world entirely ruled by dragons. Across two continents and ten tribes, the books explore vicious wars, enduring friendships, and heroic quests that span generations of fascinating dragon characters. There are already fourteen Wings of Fire books published, with a fifteenth in the works.


There are also two different spinoff series, which adds another six books the adaptation could use to expand this universe. It’s easy to see why Netflix was interested. If the series becomes a hit, they’ve got essentially endless lore to build an expanded universe off. Not to mention that the books are already Game Of Thrones-esque.


DuVernay is producing the series alongside Sutherland and many others. It’s a smart move to get the original writer involved to ensure the adaptation reflects what made the books work in the first place.


It’s curious that the series didn’t land at HBO Max considering the initial involvement of Warner Bros, but maybe they considered it too similar to Game Of Thrones or simply weren’t interested in an animated series. Netflix won’t mind, as they seem more interested in having the most content available in an effort to appeal to every demographic.


There’s currently no release date for the series.



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