‘Avatar 2’ Release Pushed Back From Christmas 2017 | Film News

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‘Avatar 2’ Release Pushed Back From Christmas 2017 | Film News



Could there be trouble on James Cameron‘s project? The 2009 film Avatar was hugely popular, so much so that it is the highest-grossing film of all time. It should come as no surprise then that Cameron would be open to making another money-spinner based on the paradise of Pandora. However, this planned sequel was pushed back by a year to Christmas 2017 in early 2015; an indication of how massive an undertaking this was. Avatar 2 has now been moved back once again only this time there is no indication of when it might land on the silver screen.


The delay is most certainly a shock as everything indicated that Avatar 2 was on track, and there has been no word from Studio Fox on the new delay. Avatar 2 is the second film in an envisioned trilogy by James Cameron, but if this project fails to get off the ground then this trilogy may never come to fruition. The success of Avatar is further threatened by the renewed presence of Star Wars, who will also be releasing a string of films over the next 4 years; one of which just so happens to fall on December 15, 2017. It took 10 years for James Cameron to fully realise Avatar; let’s hope that it doesn’t take that long to see a second one.



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