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Tim Bergling aka Avicii, has released him new single “The Days” featuring Robbie Williams on vocals. “The Days”, the new single from the young Swedish producer, begin with an acoustic guitar melody and surprises listeners with a less electronic and slow-tempo rhythm, which is kept down until the last thirty seconds where a potent beat breaks out.


After the acclaim of his debut album True, Avicii returns with his upcoming sophomore album Stories. On the lead single, Avicii collaborates with Pop star singer Robbie Williams, who easily adapts to the song’s melody. This collaboration might seem strange but the final result is acceptable. Williams provide versatility, colorful and his unmistakable voice to this track.


Few details are known about Avicii’s upcoming Stories´album, but it is reported that the sound will move away from Avicii’s EDM beginnings, and draw closer to Rock mixed with elctronic rhythms as can be heard on lead single “The Days”. The likes of Bon Jovi, Chris Martin (Coldplay) and Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) are being rumoured to feature on the album. “The Days” is out on iTunes on November 24, pre-order it here, and listen below.




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