‘Away With Words’ At Union Mash Up, Hull – Thursday, November 20 | Events


2017’s city of culture brings you its way with words, its colloquial lyrical context is sure to prick up your ears and steel your mind for one night at least. With a variation of poets delivering their metaphors, their downfalls and triumphs and cheeky adventures, all to be discovered at Away With Words on Thursday, November 20, with special guest John Robinson. This is a part of Hull’s cultural development, and perhaps it gets a bit of a drag with its overused literary reference, poet Phillip Larkin, but the idea is to create a broader perspective of all the art forms within the city. Culture is everywhere, it’s in our homes and it’s at the football ground, and it’s in the supermarket, the intellectual scope is vast, and on this occasion, one small city is dedicating its intellectual vastness to the literary quarter. Check out Hull Spoken Word and Away With Words for further details.




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