Azealia Banks Dropped From Festival After Racism Towards Zayn Malik | Music News

Azealia Banks


Not one to shy away from saying exactly what they think, Azealia Banks has once again caused quite a stir on Twitter.


Banks’ comments were deemed offensive enough for UK festival Rinse | Born & Bred to withdraw her headline slot. The festival announced the cancellation earlier today, finishing it off with: “Rinse | Born & Bred is a celebration of rave culture and has been created for EVERYONE. We celebrate inclusivity and equality”.


Here’s the run-down: after a misunderstanding in which Banks thought Zayn Malik copied a music video, Malik tweeted something soon after which Banks thought, wrongly, was aimed at her. This provoked a series of offensive tweets, a majority of which were racist. Not only has Banks’ festival appearance been revoked, but people are calling for her Twitter account to be deleted, including Lily Allen.


On the other hand, Indians and Pakistanis have turned one insult into a hashtag (#curryscentedbitch) to empower themselves.



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