Azealia Banks – Icy Colors Change | New Music


Azealia Banks has shared a new song for this festive season titled “Icy Colors Change“. So far, it is only the demo version, but the artist has promised to re-release it on vinyl for next Christmas.


“It’s a work in progress as a part of a full holiday project I’ve been working on. This song has been in my vault for so long I’m just happy to get it off my chest!!” said Azealia on her Instagram post, which was later deleted from her account.


The new single follows her this year’s tracks “Crown“, “Chi Chi” and “Escapades“. In addition, Azealia also appeared in RZA‘s musical drama Love Beats Rhymes, where she had the lead role as struggling rapper Coco Ford.


Listen to her latest holiday release “Icy Colors Change” below:



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