Azekel – Family (Chapter 1) | Music Video


East London singer/producer Azekel shares the video for the first segment of his forthcoming debut album, titled “Family“. In a unique twist, the album will be unveiled in three chapters, each centred on a specific narrative. This initial segment “Family” features the trio of songs “Black Is Beauty (Daughters)“, “Don’t Wake The Babies” & “Can We Have Fun (In This House Tonight?)” all of which were released recently.


Starting with “Black Is Beauty”, the visual is set to a powerfully moving spoken word piece and soft vocals while an array of black women of different ages, shades posing powerfully and regally are featured A salute to their strength. Azekel is the pensive looking protagonist in “Don’t Wake The Babies” as it visually and audibly explores the idea of love and intimacy in a creative yet nuanced way.


Totally contradictory to the preceding song, “Can We Have Fun (In This House Tonight?)”, takes a more upbeat and bold take, where he lets loose and becomes the entertainer for an eclectic-dressed crowd. The video, directed by The Rest is beautifully conceptual, using a bold and rich tapestry of text, images and colours.


When talking about Chapter 1 he says: “I wanted to visually tell my story as an artist but also as a person; a young black family man, where I could present a visual that was creative, abstract but yet honest in portraying images of the black experience that contrast with what we see today.”


When the album officially releases sometime this Spring, all three chapters will be combined to form a beautiful short film . Until then, enjoy the first chapter, “Family”, below.




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