B Franklin – Re-Verse | Music Video


Released exclusively through SB.TV‘s YouTube page, UK rapper B Franklin drops visuals for his brand new song “Re-Verse“. The video was directed J Killeen & Black Cloud TV and J Killeen is also credited with the song production.


The concept for both the song and the video are quite interesting. Inspired heavily by Joyner Lucas‘ song “Backwards“, B Franklin takes on the #BackwardsChallenge, where he raps a 16 bar verse then proceeds to rap the same verse back to front all the while having it make sense as well. It’s pretty impressive.


The video also work perfectly with the song. B Franklin raps the 16 bars alongside his mate but despite the visuals being reversed, the lip synching just about matches with the song. Now that’s dedication. Have a look at the video below and get ready to be impressed.




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