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Back To Yours – Rain Jacket | New Music


Back To Yours is a 4-piece Georgetown University based band composed of Daniel Luttway, Bryce Kassalow, Tommy Levin, Aiden Jones and Jiaan Mansur, and they started by playing The Beatles covers in their apartment, then they started performing in their University and following the good reviews and acclaim they received, they decided to released their first singles.


Titled “Feeling”, “Mallory”, and “Mango”, they cumulatively obtained over 135,000 total streams since their debut release in June. This alt-pop band have also played multiple sold out shows in both D.C and New York. And now, they are working on their first full-length album, set to be released in January 2020.


In the meantime, they have shared a brand new track from their upcoming album, titled “Rain Jacket”, which was released on October 18. Their fourth song is a fusion between Alt-Pop, Rock and classic ballad that takes you on a sweet journey.


They show here a new side of their personality with a more emotional and experimental aspect. Indeed, it tells the story of a rain jacket who wishes for rainy days in hopes of going outside. The song explores, indirectly by taking the example of this item of clothing, themes of loneliness and isolation.


It’s the perfect rainy day song, listen below:




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